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Everyone has a story to tell

Welcome to Write the Dream, your place to make that book that has been in your head, in your journal, or on your computer a reality.

Many people today want to write a book and many have it as one of the items on their bucket list—whether it be a children’s book, horror story, memoir, great romance, or book of poems. Let’s make this YOUR year—the year you are finally going to make your book a reality!

Write the Dream is the beginning of a wonderful journey for you as a writer. Last year, our inaugural conference in Kansas City, Missouri, brought in writers from all over the Midwest. From that conference, we realized that writers need more than a yearly meeting to make their dreams a reality. As a result, the creation of our online academy is designed to guide you, step by step, through that process of making that dream book come to life. Through our program, you will gain the confidence, discipline, and accountability to not just write that book, but to hold it in your hands as a finished product on a timetable that fits your dream.

Whether you are just beginning or concluding this wonderful journey, we are here to help. Please check out the list of services and training opportunities available for you to make this happen. And please check back soon for the launch of our new Online Writing Academy!