Business Services & Courses

Are you a small business with a limited creative staff? Are you a new business struggling to brand yourself to potential consumers? Are you a busy, do-it-all leader with little time for details? Are you struggling to get your employees to produce quality written correspondence? Do you need a team to handle your document services creation, but are on a limited budget?

As hard as it is to admit in this technological age, the craft of writing has become a dying art, especially within the business realm. Far too often, companies that take meticulous care in every other facet of their business produce advertising copy, direct messages, chat sessions, social media postings and blogs that are plagued with structural and grammatical errors. A company’s internal communication is often written in the same manner as someone corresponding via text or email with a friend. Ironically, this is happening at a time when most business transactions are carried out through the written electronic word. What businesses and their staffs fail to realize is that every piece of correspondence produced by their company says a great deal about who that company is: their attention to detail; their level of education; their ability to communicate well; the message they want to send about their brand; and likely, the quality with which they will deliver their own products and services.

 We at Write the Dream have created two services to assist businesses in improving their brand through the written word, and helping their employees to do the same. We provide quality control editing services on all correspondence your company produces and can even provide training to help your employees become better writers—all on an ongoing basis and for a limited budget. Take a look below at what we offer:

Monthly Editing Packages. For a monthly fee, our editing staff can edit any of your business related-correspondence, including, but not limited to, document creation, blogs, external emails, social media postings, ad copy, marketing blurbs, or any other documents that need a finishing touch. We have packages for all business types.

  • White Package: $50 per month. This includes 7-10 documents of up to one page in length each, or up to 10 pages of editing.
  • Blue Package: $100 per month. This will include 11-15 documents of up to one page in length each, or 15 pages of content.
  • Dream Package: $500 per month. This is the works! You get unlimited document services, social media postings, advertising copy, or any other documents you need to brand and run your business. We will be your own private copy writing, editing, and document services team.
  • A La Carte Services: We will edit other documents on demand and will quote per project. You can expect to pay roughly $5-7 per page for documents that are more lengthy or extensive in scope.

 Your turnaround time will be 48 hours on business days, excluding weekends. If you need faster turnaround time, we can accommodate with sufficient notice. Extra fees may apply.

Business Writing Seminars

  • The White Seminar. Our trained staff will come into your business and teach a half-day seminar (from 3 to 4 hours) on any one of our courses or a subject of your choice. The cost for this seminar is $150 per half-day of training.
  • The Blue Seminar. Our trained staff will come into your business and teach a full-day seminar (up to 6 hours) again on a subject of your choice. The cost for this seminar will be $300 for a full day of training.