If you are a homeschool or educational group that is looking for a skilled, trained writing staff to work with your students through an online training class, our Write the Dream Writing Academy courses are for you. We offer courses on topics ranging from the basics of writing to how to publish books and write screenplays.

 For $300 per class (the classes will run 12 weeks each), you will receive the following:

  1. Twelve weeks of 30-minute video training modules (1 per week) for up to 20 students
  2. A downloadable PDF workbook for up to 20 students (hard copy workbooks are available for $10 each)
  3. A weekly conference/Skype call with a WTD educator/writing coach

Courses currently offered are:

  1. How To Become a Better Writer
  2. Learning the Basics of Becoming a Published Author
  3. Creative Writing
  4. From Page to Screen (Screenwriting Basics)
  5. Stop Writing Like You Text and Speak