Webinar Course: Intro to Publishing

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This webinar course is designed for the aspiring author who wants to possess the tools necessary to write and publish a book. The topics in this course are:

Module 1: So You Want to Be an Author? (Myths & Realities Associated with Becoming an Author) 

Module 2: Fearless: How to Overcome Your Fear 

Module 3: Where Do I Start?: A Guide to Beginning Your Book

Module 4: Getting the Book “Down”: Brainstorming, Journaling & Free-writing; Organized Writing: Outlining, Chunking, Pre-Writing

Module 5: Choosing a Publisher

Module 6: Copyright, Libel, and Integrating Other Sources

Module 7: Elements of Good Fiction (Plot & Setting, Character, Perspective, Style, Theme)

Module 8: Becoming an Authorpreneur: Funding Your Work

Module 9: Editing Your Manuscript (Chicago Style, etc.)

Module 10: Formatting & Designing Your Interior

Module 11: All About Covers

Module 12: Marketing & Beyond

This course is geared towards the writer who needs to be guided through writing a book, step by step, with accountability and discipline. Upon enrollment, writers will be paired with a coach and provided an electronic workbook for the twelve-week course. Each week, they will receive a downloadable video lesson and assignment and can have an optional consultation, either by phone or email with their coach. The course is designed to run 12 weeks. 

For an additional $10, writers can receive a high-quality workbook that will be shipped to their home. 

The cost for the course is $25 per month (4 classes each month) and will be payable at the beginning of each month.