Webinar Course: Writing ReFresh

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This webinar course is designed for the writer who would like to spend some time in reviewing the basics of writing. Topics included are:

1. Run-ons/Comma Splices

2. Agreement (Subject/Verb, Pronoun)

3. Modifiers

4. Parallelism (Parallel Structure)

5. Shifts in Tense 

6. Shifts in Point of View

7. Commas

8. Punctuation : Part I

9. Punctuation Part II (Apostrophes & Quotation Marks)

10. Italics, Underlining

11. Pronoun Case

12. Numbers

 The price will be $25 for each month of classes (4 classes, 1 each week). Please indicate which month you are signing up for in the drop-down menu when checking out.